Ship Tattoos – Meaning – Sailing

Ship Tattoo meaning – life/road/journey (basically you sail through life, even if bad things happen), courage (like Poseidon), spirit (like a dove),  honor (like an anchor), survival (on the sea/at war – like the searhose). The ship tattoos can be also related to death (just like a Grim Reaper). Vikings believed that people sail in the […]

Dahlia Flower Tattoo ideas

Dahlia Flower Tattoo meaning – warning (like a lighthouse), beauty (like a hibiscus), health (like a leaf), devotion (like a dove), fertility (like an orchid), charm (like a paisley), elegance, change (like the hourglass), etc. Most important, before actually getting a flower tattoo make sure you really want it. Some people get tattoos because it’s […]

Sweet Seahorse Tattoo – Meanings & Symbols

Seahorse Tattoo meaning – you might not know, but a seahorse it’s also called a “sea monster“. Here are some seahorse meanings: creativity (like the sun), vision (like a lighthouse), courage (like a bear) or even confidence (like a hamsa). Some women show they have confidence, while having a seahorse tattoo. It’s also related with being smart […]

Giraffe Tattoos – Cute Pictures

Giraffe Tattoo meaning – protection (it’s a very big animal, rarely attacked in the wild. Their neck offer protection also), beauty (like a lotus) and intelligence (like a fox). They also have good vision (like a seahorse), social life (they are very social and have social groups/bonds), communication (like a libra sign). If you want tattoos […]

Griffin Tattoos

Griffin Tattoo meaning – wisdom (like a panda), justice (like a libra sign), authority (like an aztec warrior), courage (like a ship), ferocity (like a lion), protection (like a peacock), intelligence (like a raven), strength (like a King Tut), etc (probably many others). Do you need some pictures for your next tattoo? © Genestro | […]

Frog Tattoos – Meanings and Symbolism

Frog Tattoo meaning – rebirth (like an wolf), good luck (like an anchor), good fortune (like a compass), purity (like a dragonfly), dreaming (like a mermaid), healing (like a caduceus), fertility (like a bee), harmony (like a peace sign), poison (because the toxic skin of the frog), happiness (like a bat), success (like a koi […]

Beautiful Paisley tattoos

Paisley Tattoo meaning – a paisley tattoo is different, is not something you see everyday. It means: love (like a lily), innocence (like a phoenix), exotic (like an orchid), elegance (like a mermaid), charm, luxury (like a peacock) and many others. If you want a cool/new tattoo, maybe a paisley one is exactly what you […]

Bear Tattoo Meanings

Bear Tattoo meanings – I know that you all know that a bear means power (like a lighthouse) and strength (like an rhino). Just like a bull. Or an elephant. Don’t forget about the cute panda bear tattoos. All in all, a bear tattoo means the following (but not only): protection (idea – do you […]

Compass Tattoo Meaning – Designs + Symbolism

Compass Tattoo meaning – direction (like a ship), protection (like a snake), security (like a rhino), guidance/right direction (like a starfish), good luck/right direction (like a bat tattoo in different cultures), fortune (like a dragonfly), etc. There are lots of meanings for this compass tattoo, but most important – it should mean something for you, […]

Penguin Tattoo – Ideas and Pictures

Penguin Tattoo meaning – social (just like a giraffe is able to social groups/bonds, the penguins also have good social interactions), family (like a deer), patience (like a seahorse), love (like a koi fish), beauty/cuteness, lack of fear (toward humans), friendly (like a penguin), etc. Most important – it doesn’t really matter what a penguin […]