Geisha Tattoo Meaning – Designs & Symbols

Geisha Tattoo meaning – beauty (like a dahlia), passion (like a cheshire cat), elegant (like a mermaid), power (like a tiara), mystery (like an octopus), love (like a paisley), danger (like a leopard), desire, sensitivity, courage (like a seahorse), feminity (like an yin/yang), etc. Do you want some pictures/tattoo designs? © Marcio Goldzweig | © […]

Dolphin Tattoo Designs – Meaning + Symbolism

Dolphin Tattoo meaning – dolphin have a lot of meanings, but here are just a few of them: intelligence (do you know that the dolphin is one of the most intelligent animals on Earth?), friendly (like penguins), freedom (all see creatures are free – just like a dandelion), messengers (also for Poseidon – God of […]

Santa Muerte Tattoos + Meanings

Santa Muerte Tattoo meaning – duality (like a Griffin), life (like a tiara), death (like an Angel of Death), protection (like a whale), healing (like a dahlia), evil (like a leprechaun), fear (like a penguin), etc. So, what does a Santa Muerte tattoo mean? Now you know. Do you need some pictures for your next […]

Tiara Tattoos & Designs

Tiara Tattoo meaning – papacy, power (like an Aztec), authority (like a crown of thorns), immortality (like a crown), martyrdom, Jesus related (like a barbed wire), good luck (like an Angel of Death), judge, teacher, order, jurisdiction, etc. These are the main meanings, but I am sure there are others. Keep in mind – not the meaning […]

Angel of Death Tattoo Designs

Angel of Death Tattoo meaning – death (like a werewolf), lack of fear (like a Grim Reaper), darkness (like a crow), protection (like a dragon), healing (like a caduceus), good luck (like a leprechaun), etc. Most important – an Angel of death could mean good things, but can also mean bad things. Some Angels of […]

Dandelion Tattoos / Meanings and Pictures

Dandelion Tattoo meaning – could mean a lot of things, such as: letting go, dreams, wishes, your childhood (that passed). You need to remember – a dandelion means something different to everyone else. You don’t need a justification in front of friends/family/etc for getting a tattoo. If you really feel like getting one, get one. […]

Indian chief tattoo – what’s the meaning?

Indian Chief Tattoo meaning – an indian chief can only mean power (like a sword), and strength (like a sagittarius), yet justice (like a libra sign), authority (like a Griffin), intelligence (like a bee), wisdom (like a dragonfly), knowledge (like an Aztec warrior), etc. If you really love indian people, yet want a cool tattoo meaning […]

Grim Reaper Tattoo Designs

Grim Reaper Tattoo meaning – the main meanings of the Grim Reaper tattoos are: death (like a Medusa), life (like a Phoenix), lack of fear (like a bull), good luck (even if some people believe it’s not – like a dragon), darkness (because Grim Reaper is the Angel of Dark and Light – like the […]

Leprechaun Tattoos & Meanings

Leprechaun Tattoo meaning – good luck (like a dragon), magic (like a griffin), evil spirit (like an arrow), mischief (like a spider), mischievous, etc. Most important, this tattoo means “evil“. You never know what a Leprechaun will do anyway. Do you need some tattoo ideas? © Jpldesigns | © Americanspirit |   Leprechaun Tattoo symbolism: Irish […]

Whale Tattoos – Meaning + Designs

Whale Tattoo meaning – maternal (like an elephant), peace (like a frog), strength (like a shark), power (like a dragon), protection (like a seahorse), safety (like a lighthouse), rebirth (like a phoenix), serenity (like a panda), etc. These are the most important meanings, of course. There are tons of other meanings also. In the meantime, […]