Lily Tattoos – Meaning – Symbolism

Lily Tattoo meaning – Lily (or Lilium flowers) have a lot of meanings, but some of them are: beauty (all flowers are related to beauty. Orchid, Hibiscus, Lotus, etc),  innocence (most flowers are related to purity and innocence),  fertility (all flowers mean fertility. Even a dove means fertility). Do you need some pictures for your […]

Om Tattoo Meaning – What is Om?

Om Tattoo meaning – the om is a Sanskrit symbol/sound. Altough the om is a religious symbol (buddhism, jainism and hinduism), you don’t need to believe in those religions/ideas to have your tattoo. Because the om is a religious symbol, the main meaning of this tattoo/symbol is “sacred“. It’s also a symbol of believe/balance and connection […]

Cute Bonsai Tree Tattoos

Bonsai Tree Tattoo meaning – there are lots of meanings, but here are the most important ones: peace (it’s related to Zen Buddhism), truth and beauty (like a hibiscus tattoo). This tree (like many other trees) can also be related to: wisdom, prosperity and family. This is also related to meditation, balance and good. Do […]

Barcode Tattoo – Meaning – Designs/Symbolism

Barcode Tattoo meaning – it means a lot of things: being part of the system (not original), for sale (meaning everything is for sale), birthday/certain numbers or even random numbers, just another number in this world (we are over 7 billion people already), individuality, freedom (or control?), maybe you will become a barcode. It’s just […]

Spider Tattoo and Meaning/Symbol

Spider Tattoo meaning – altough spiders are scary (for some people), just like scorpions, they mean the following: good luck, patience (mostly because of their hunting skills), mischief (mostly because of their “deadly” bites), people that are capable of creating their own worlds (just like the spiders create their own), magic, protection, connections. A spider […]

Bird silhouette tattoo – Meaning/Ideas

Bird Silhouette Tattoo meaning – ALL tattoos have a meaning. But the meaning it’s not the same for everyone. Birds are a symbol: in books, in songs, mostly in everything. Multiple birds on your body/yet a bird silhouette could also mean your friends, your daughters, your family, etc. What is the meaning of the black […]

Angel – Devil tattoo ideas

Angel and Devil/Demon Tattoo meaning – black or white, good or bad (like a Medusa), angel or devil/etc. It doesn’t mean you need to be a religious person to have this kind of tattoo. It can only mean this – we both have two forces (one that’s bad and another one that’s not) inside us. […]

Heart of a lion tattoo?

Heart of lion Tattoo meaning – basically a “heart of lion” means power and strength. It also means that you are brave and very strong (like a lion). But the lion itself also has cultural meanings. Altough in most places lion do harm to people (they attack), people do consider them noble and strong. You might […]

Tribal arm tattoos awesome designs

Tribal tattoo meaning – before pictures, let us find us more about the meaning of tribal tattoos. Many years ago, certain tribes (from Philippines, for example) used to believe that getting a tattoo and tattoos in general are magical. In a way or another they believe that tattoos could protect them. Another meaning of tribal tattoo […]