Frog Tattoos – Meanings and Symbolism

Frog Tattoo meaning – rebirth (like an wolf), good luck (like an anchor), good fortune (like a compass), purity (like a dragonfly), dreaming (like a mermaid), healing (like a caduceus), fertility (like a bee), harmony (like a peace sign), poison (because the toxic skin of the frog), happiness (like a bat), success (like a koi […]

Penguin Tattoo – Ideas and Pictures

Penguin Tattoo meaning – social (just like a giraffe is able to social groups/bonds, the penguins also have good social interactions), family (like a deer), patience (like a seahorse), love (like a koi fish), beauty/cuteness, lack of fear (toward humans), friendly (like a penguin), etc. Most important – it doesn’t really matter what a penguin […]

Eagle Tattoo Meanings – Symbolism and Designs

Eagle Tattoo meaning – freedom (like a dragon), power (like a bull), strength (like a horse), virility (like a bull), protection (like the Eye of Horus), pride, leader (like a sun), boldness, speed (like a Pegasus) etc. Here are some tattoo ideas for your next tattoo: © Markus Gann | © Tribalium | © […]

Turtle Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism

Turtle Tattoo meaning – some of the meanings of the turtle tattoo are: safe (because of their shell – like a shield), intelligence (it seems that turtles are not only smart, but they are also sociable animals), protection (mostly because of the shield), wisdom, longevity (they live very long, some of them 50+ years old), […]

Pegasus Tattoo – Meanings & Designs

Pegasus Tattoo meaning – freedom (just like a horse), courage (like a tiger),  wisdom (like a mandala), fame, speed (like an werewolf), strength (like a rhino), intelligence (like a gecko), endurance, loyalty (like a scorpion), beauty (like a daffodil), etc. Do you need some pictures for your next tattoo? © Buch | © Buch | […]

Dove Tattoo – Meaning – Symbolism

Dove Tattoo meaning – the dove is related to love (like an anchor) and peace (like a peace sign) mostly, but with lots of other symbols, such as: devotion (doves mean devotion to ancient Greeks and Romans), long life (this is only related to Chinese culture), family (mostly related to taking care of the family), rebirth […]

Bat Tattoo and Meaning

Bat Tattoo meaning – death (like a King Tut), disease, freedom (like an eagle), evil/devil (like a skull), prosperity (like a hummingbird), wealth (like a butterfly), happiness, longevity (like a dragon), magic, supernatural, witchcraft, decay, etc. In each culture the bat means something else. While for some the bats are signs of good luck, for others […]

Rhino Tattoo Ideas

Rhino Tattoo meaning – the rhinoceros have lots of meanings, but here are a couple: strength (figure this out – some rhinos have around 4000 lb),  protection (they have a protective skin, about 5 cm thick), agility – like a lizard/alligator (altough big animals, over 2000 lb, they can run at around 40-50 km/h),  longevity […]

Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning + Pictures

Jellyfish Tattoo meaning – calm (maybe like a Poseidon?), intelligence (like an octopus), grace, agility (like a Kraken), flexibility, faith (like a dove), wisdom (like a Griffin), immortality, etc. Most of the people that get a jellyfish tattoo have a fascination for the sea. But it doesn’t really matter – if you like a jellyfish […]

Dragonfly Tattoo – Meaning + Symbolism

Dragonfly Tattoo meaning – fertility (like an octopus), freedom (like a bat), happiness, strength (like an eagle), courage (like a peace sign), independence (like a horse?), agility (like a jellyfish), wisdom (like a fox),  good luck, harmony, joy, peace, fortune, purity, etc. There are tons of meanings for the dragonfly tattoo. But, most important, it has […]