Owl Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Owl Tattoo meaning – an owl is related to the following meanings: wisdom (mostly in the Western culture. The goddess of Wisdom also has an owl symbol), protection (like a lighthouse), intelligence, singing (perfect for singers, such as Justin Bieber for example), success (like a koi fish), prosperity (like a fish hook), sorcery (like Santa […]

Mermaid Tattoos – Meaning and Symbolism

Mermaid Tattoo meaning – beauty (like a giraffe), emotion, mystery (like an octopus), freedom (like most creatures in the sea or in the sky), creation, seductive, dreaming (like frogs), intuition, magic (like a Griffin), etc. You can actually add a mermaid tattoo on a guy also, there is nothing to worry about. So, do you […]

Anchor Tattoos / Meanings / Designs

Anchor Tattoo meaning – hope (like a hibiscus), fresh start, salvation (like a lighthouse),  good luck (like a compass), stability, security (like a rhino), refusing to sink, etc. Altough most people believe this tattoos are either for girls only, it doesn’t really matter. Both men celebrities and women celebrities got them and they look cool. […]

Dragon Tattoo Meanings

Dragon Tattoo meaning – there are plenty of meanings for the dragon tattoos, but some of them are: strength (like a horse), good luck (like a dandelion), power (like a panda), independence (like the Statue of Liberty), freedom (like the Cheshire cat), wisdom (like a griffin), protection (like the Eye of Ra), longevity (like a turtle), […]

Lighthouse Tattoos – Meaning and Symbolism

Lighthouse Tattoo meaning – warning (years ago, this was used to warn aircrafts and ships that the coast/tall buildings are near), protection (like a Griffin),  safety (all in all, a lighthouse is related to safety – like a Poseidon), salvation (like an anchor) and direction (like a compass). All in all, hope (like a dove). […]

Foo Dog Meaning – Tattoos & Designs

Foo Dog Tattoo meaning – protection (like a lion), life (like a guitar), death (like crow), strength (like a horse), intelligence (like a hummingbird), couple, family, friendship, etc. Do you need some pictures for your next foo dog tattoo? © Studioli | Dreamstime.com © Ralf Kraft | Dreamstime.com   Foo Dog Tattoo symbolism: History: lions […]

Capricorn Tattoos

Capricorn Tattoo meaning – if you are interested in the Zodiac meaning, you need to know that the capricorn symbol is the 10’th astrological sign. The Taurus / Bull is the second. The scorpio / scorpion is the 8’th. You also need to know that the Zodiac symbol for the Capricorn is the goat. Here […]

Octopus Tattoo Meaning – Symbolism and Pictures

Octopus Tattoo meaning – some of the main meanings of the octopus tattoos are: adaptability, intelligence and graceful. The octopus is also related with agility (like a small lizard or alligator) and protection/flexibility. Do you know that the octopus is very intelligent and very flexible? The octopus is also related to camouflage/defense (she uses the ink against […]

Koi Fish Tattoos – Meaning + Symbolism

Koi Fish Tattoo meaning – there are lots of meanings, but here are some of them: good luck (the Chagoi Koi Fish), docile and friendly (the Chagoi Koi Fish), fortune, power (like a fox, maybe?), bravery (just like an american flag), masculinity (like a capricorn), prosperity (like an owl), ambition, success, change (like the Kumonryu – like […]

Elephant Tattoo Meaning – Cool Ideas

Elephant Tattoo meaning – altough for some people an elephant means strength (like a barbed wire) (and power – like the sun), for other people it’s just cute (like an orchid)/pretty (like a dragon). Also, the elephant means: good luck, longevity (they live around 60 years – more or less, like a turtle), peace (like an anchor) […]